The_Womp Unappreciated Masterpieces- Your Highness

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Unappreciated Masterpieces- Your Highness

June 13, 2017

We delve into the world of film and find the forgotten gems or otherwise unappreciated masterpieces of film and talk about them. This episode we discuss one of the best films of all time "Your Highness" (2011) which features James Franco, Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, Justin Theroux, Toby Jones, Damian Lewis, Charles Dance and Zooey Deschanel? n this commentary, we talk about the interesting questions that are brought from watching this brilliant film and we hope that we answer some of those questions. This episode features Ryan Sliwinski, Bartek Kasprzyszak & Jules Gatto! PRESS PLAY AT 9:07!