The_Womp 26 Minutes of Unappreciated Masterpieces- Like Mike

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26 Minutes of Unappreciated Masterpieces- Like Mike

April 1, 2016

We delve into the world of film and find the forgotten gems or other wise unappreciated masterpieces of film and talk about them. This episode we discuss one of the best films of all time for 26 minutes and that classic is "Like Mike" (2002) which features Lil' Bow Bow, Jonathan Lipnicki, Morris Chestnut, Eugene Levy, Jesse Plemons, Robert Forster, and finally the dark lord himself Crispin Glover. In this commentary we talk about the interesting questions that are brought from watching this brilliant film and we hope that we answer some of those questions. This episode features Bartek Kasprzyszak, Ryan Sliwinski and Alistair James (Perhaps Dunbar, who really knows?). PRESS PLAY AT 9:14!
So why only 26 minutes? What happened was we defied Polish Lent in which we both had to give up podcasting and we recorded this during that time and to make it even worse we had a German guest on the show. God rightfully struck us down and only let this 26 minutes of us talking get recorded, this is what happens when you don't follow through on tradition. One day we will do Like Mike in full but till then here is the 26 minutes that were captured of what might have been our best episode yet.